Friday, February 6, 2009

A handful of new features

We added a handful of new features over the last couple of weeks, including:
  • Photo Deletion: you can now delete images that you are no longer using to reduce the clutter in your photo tray. You can find this on your administration page (see the blue arrow on the image below).
  • Meta Tags: you can now edit the meta keywords and meta description for your site. This is also available from the the administration page (see the red arrow).
  • Mailing List Download: any collected email addresses can now be downloaded as a spreadsheet for use in other email systems (the mailing list feature is only available to premium sites).

  • More Slideshow Options: A slideshow can now have one to eight images, allowing you to feature a single large image on the page.
  • The max photo size you can upload is now 8 Megabytes!
Stay tuned, we have lots more good things in the works!

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